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style meets comfort

Design Rooms in central location of Vienna

Enjoy a drink on arrival and
feel comfortable
- in a modern interior design.


The basic concept here at our hotel, for all our rooms, borrows from the four elements and is coupled with all the technological features you’d expect of a luxury design hotel: 

FIRE (light & transparency):

Throughout the building we have installed indirect lighting so that your experience of light here is unique and unusual. And a further effect of this lighting is the hotel’s warm and friendly ambience.

EARTH (material & colours):

The use of light-coloured natural stone, glass, chrome and dark wood all contribute to the simple, classic-line effect reflected at all levels of the hotel.

WATER (fluidity & flowing forms):

The appeal of our bathrooms lies in the material design of stone and glass. The frosted glass doors and floor-length glass walls (blinds) allow daylight into the bathroom.
A tropical shower in which the water is gravity-fed provides truly beneficial relaxation and the unique mirror lighting are both stunning design elements in the bathrooms.


The historic building is listed and thus all rooms have a ceiling height of 3.30 m – this provides each room with an astonishing amount of air.